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This page defines Mounted brigade, which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

| type = Mounted
| specific_type = Mounted brigade
| size_at_full_strength = 2,000

A mounted brigade was a formation of mounted troops that usually consisted of three or four units of one of the following types:

It could also include:

British Empire

Australian Army

Mounted brigades were known as Light Horse Brigades and contained light horse regiments.

Category:Australian light horse brigades lists brigades that have pages.

British Army

Brigades of the regular cavalry were known as Cavalry Brigades. Brigades of the yeomanry were known as Mounted Brigades. This site treats them as the same type.

Chris Baker, The Long, Long Trail: What was a Cavalry Brigade? gives the establishment of a British cavalry brigade.

Category:British cavalry and mounted brigades lists all cavalry, mounted, cyclist and camel brigades that have pages on this site.

Indian Army

Some Indian brigades were titled Cavalry Brigades and some Mounted Brigades but there was little difference in practice. Category:Indian cavalry and mounted brigades lists all cavalry and mounted brigades that have pages on this site.