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(Published histories, websites, etc)
(Published histories, websites, etc)
[[Category:Pages to be merged after import]]
[[Category:Pages to be merged after import]]

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Please include information on the sources or evidence (for example, military records) used to link a particular person to a specific unit.

Personal narratives

(Original personal diaries, letters, memoirs etc written by people in this unit)

Related media (images etc)

(Digitised photographs, images of personal items, etc)

Other Sources

Unit war diaries

(The official accounts of movements and daily activities written by an officer of the unit at the time)

Official unit histories


(Published histories, websites, etc)

Notes on battalion history from the Long, Long Trail site

August 1914 : in Wellington Barracks, London District.

Moved overseas 27 July 1915, landing at Le Havre.

19 August 1915 : came under command of 2nd Guards Brigade, Guards Division.