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Please include information on the sources or evidence (for example, military records) used to link a particular person to a specific unit.
#REDIRECT [[3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards, UK]]
== Personal narratives ==
(Original personal diaries, letters, memoirs etc written by people in this unit)
== Related media (images etc) ==
(Digitised photographs, images of personal items, etc)
== Other Sources ==
=== Unit war diaries ===
(The official accounts of movements and daily activities written by an officer of the unit at the time)
* [http://3rdgrenadierguardsww1.wordpress.com/ Online transcript of Battalion war diary 1915-1919]
=== Official unit histories ===
=== Biography ===
(Published histories, websites, etc)
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==== Notes on battalion history from the Long, Long Trail site ====
August 1914 : in Wellington Barracks, London District.
Moved overseas 27 July 1915, landing at Le Havre.
19 August 1915 : came under command of 2nd Guards Brigade, Guards Division.

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