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You can also [http://collaborativecollections.org/WorldWarOne/index.php?namespace=0&title=Special%3ARecentChanges view pages recently edited on this wiki].
You can also [http://collaborativecollections.org/WorldWarOne/index.php?namespace=0&title=Special%3ARecentChanges view pages recently edited on this wiki].

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There are hundreds or thousands of personal accounts of the war online, whether on large sites like Europeana 1914-1918, national libraries and archives, or individual diaries transcribed and posted online through small local projects. The challenge is to link these personal accounts by creating links from the individual who wrote them to their military unit.

In this phase of the project, the aim is find a personal narrative - a diary, letters, memoirs or images - for each military battalion or regiment in the Allied Armies.

Have you got a few free minutes to take on a small research challenge?

Getting started is easy:

  1. Take one of the personal diaries, letters or memoirs listed
  2. Match its author with a regiment or battalion. Sometimes you can find them just by googling their name, sometimes it'll require sleuthing through World War One records
  3. Send in the results via this form or edit the wiki directly to add their diary to the relevant battalion or regiment page

Other ways you can help

If you've got a diary you want to add now, search for their regiment or battalion - if the page doesn't already exist you will be prompted to create it. If you're not used to wikis, use this form to suggest a link. You can can also click on any red-linked page name to create that page.

Don't worry about doing it perfectly, any help is better than none and it's easy to gradually improve wiki pages!

Thanks and recent contributions

Someone suggested a document via the form which was part of correspondence between two men, so their suggested added personal accounts to an Australian and a British battalion with just one link! Thanks to them pages for the 1/4th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment, British infantry and 5th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force (AIF) now exist and have links to documents created by a soldier in each battalion.

Jasonmarkwebber worked on the 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, British infantry page.

B3rn has been doing great work on Australian units, particularly medical units which weren't previously listed.

Huge thanks to various New Zealanders who sent me lists of units from the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces! It's been an immense help with New Zealand battalions in World War I.

Finally, GavinRobinson has done brilliant work, not only contributing information about specific battalions but also helping work out the requirements for structured data about battalions, regiments and other military units in the British Army.

You can also view pages recently edited on this wiki.