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There are three ways you can help share the experiences of soldiers in specific units.

  • Add links for personal and official diaries, letters, memoirs and histories to regiment or battalion pages
  • Help fill in the battalions for each regiment. A good source is the Long, Long Trail's page for the British infantry of 1914-1918
  • Add detail for battalions through 'infoboxes' that describe how different military units were related to each other (this one is a bit more technical, contact Mia for more information.

If you've got a diary you want to add now, please just click 'Edit' above, and add the name of the author's regiment. Add 'British infantry' or another appropriate label to help differentiate between units across different armies, then make it into a wiki link by putting two square brackets around the name of the regiment or battalion, like this:

[[Royal Warwickshire Regiment, British infantry]]

This makes it into a red link Royal Warwickshire Regiment, British infantry; you can click on any red-linked page name to create that page.

Don't worry about doing it perfectly, it's easy to gradually improve wiki pages, and any help is better than none!