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Historian and palaeographer. I run Different Hand Ltd, doing manuscript transcription, XML markup, research assistance and related services. My PhD thesis and published work are on horses and cavalry in the English Civil War. I got into First World War research through tracing my great-grandad, who was in 1/5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. I was a moderator at Your Archives and used to blog at Investigations of a Dog.

To do list

  • add comma to RHA batteries and brigades
  • pals battalions need cat, redirects and name checks (got early official name histories from WOIs but still need source for nicknames)
  • separate citation templates for ACI and WOI: they have different numbering and dating conventions
  • should AIF field artillery batteries be merged with parent brigades? List of relationships at Digger History.
  • try to clear list of individual narratives as far as possible