3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles, New Zealand

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3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles, New Zealand
Years active: 1911 – 1921
Country: New Zealand
Service: Army
Type: Infantry
Specific type: Infantry Battalion
Full size:
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Created: 1911. 
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Alternate names:
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Disbanded: 1921. 
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Command structure
Relationship type:
Parent unit: Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment
Parent level: Regiment
Start date: 1914
End date:
Command structure
Relationship type:
Parent unit: New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade
Parent level: Brigade
Start date:
End date:

Personal narratives

Sergeant Jack Hislop Birch

A note, presumably from 'Chris & Neil': 'These pages are transcribed from the Diary of my Maternal Grandfather who fought in the 1st World War on the Battlefields of Galipolli, Sainai, and Palestine.'

Sources, evidence: not verified.

The Diary of Fredrick Dill

Entries dated May - December 1915, and includes some images. Apparently transcribed by his grandchild, the original site is gone but has been preserved in the Internet Archive.

Sources, evidence: not verified.

Related media (images etc)

(Digitised photographs, images of personal items, etc)

The camp of the Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, in the foothills of the Jordan Valley, 1918

Collections search for Auckland Mounted Rifles, Australian War Memorial, including images, objects and related articles.

Other Sources

Unit war diaries

War diaries from 1915 to 1918 have been digitised and are freely available online in the AWM4 Subclass 35/2 - Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment collection on the Australian War Memorial site. A partial transcript (for August 3rd 4th 5th 8th 9th, 1916) has been posted on the New Zealand Mounted Rifles site.

Official unit histories

The Story of Two Campaigns: Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment, 1914-1919, by C. G. Nicol (Sergeant Charles Gordon Nicol), Wilson and Horton, 1921, Auckland.


(Published histories, websites, etc)

3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles squadron on New Zealand history.

Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment timeline by Peter Connor and Damien Fenton for New Zealand history.