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This page is about the administrative unit in the British system. For the tactical formation, see corps (tactical). For infantry regiments that had administrative corps status in the British system, see infantry regiment (administrative).

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This page defines Corps (administrative), which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

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In the British system, a corps was an administrative and legal group of many units. Units in the same corps mostly shared a cap badge, and the corps name often formed part of the unit name. For example, Royal Engineers was an administrative corps, and its units included 1st Field Company Royal Engineers. As with infantry battalions, the units of a corps operated separately in many different formations. Outside the infantry, a British administrative corps often had its own record office. Corps status as defined by the Army Act had important legal implications. (What were they?)

British Army

Corps that have pages are listed in Category:British corps (administrative).

Australian Army

The Australian Imperial Force had one record office for all units and does not seem to have had any administrative corps.

The Citizen Military Force and the Permanent Force had corps but we don't yet have pages for them.