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This page defines Machine gun company, which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

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| specific_type = Machine gun company
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A machine gun company was the basic machine gun unit in British Empire forces from 1916 to 1918. Companies only have pages on this site if they operated independently. Company level is not represented for armies that always organised their machine guns into battalions.

British Empire

Machine gun companies were formed in early 1916 by removing the machine gun sections from the four infantry battalions in each infantry brigade and merging them into a company attached to brigade headquarters. In 1917 an extra company was formed in each infantry division and attached directly to division headquarters. In 1918 the four companies in each division were merged into a machine gun battalion.

Australian Imperial Force

Machine gun companies were formed in Australian brigades and divisions in a similar way to the British. We don't yet have pages for Australian machine gun units.

British Army

Machine gun companies that have pages are listed in Category:British machine gun companies.

Most companies were administratively part of the Machine Gun Corps but those in the Guards brigades were under the Machine Gun Guards.

Indian Army

Any Indian machine gun companies that have pages are listed in Category:Indian machine gun units.

US Army

Every infantry regiments had a machine gun company attached to its headquarters. These companies have their own pages and are listed in Category:US machine gun companies. Companies that were part of machine gun battalions are not represented separately from their parent battalions.