3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, British Army

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3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, British Army
Years active: unknown – unknown
Country: United Kingdom
Service: British Army
Branch: Regular Army (British Army)
Type: Infantry
Specific type: Infantry battalion
Full size: 1,000
Sources for overview:
Created: unknown. 
Sources for created:
Name1: 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards
Name1 Start: unknown
Name1 End: unknown
Reason for change:
Sources for name1:
Alternate names:
Sources for alternate names:
Disbanded: unknown. 
Sources for disbanded:
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Command structure
Relationship type: Administrative
Parent unit: Grenadier Guards, British Army
Parent level:
Start date: unknown
End date: unknown
Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical
Parent unit: 2nd Guards Brigade, British Army
Parent level: Brigade
Start date: 19/08/1915
End date: 31/01/1919
Theatre of war
Theatre name: France, Belgium and Germany
Date entered: 27/07/1915
Date left: 31/01/1919
Sources: [1]

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  1. Chris Baker, The Long, Long Trail: The Grenadier Guards in 1914-1918
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