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Creating a new page

Starting a new page from a link

Some pages contain links to other pages that don't exist yet. These are called "new page links". To start one of these new pages, you can click on its link.

Links to non-existing pages are common. They are typically created in preparation for creating a new page, and/or to encourage other people to do so. Some people may see the presence of new page links on a page as a sign that the page is broken. However most wikis are intended to be constantly added to, so in this sense a new page link is only an indication that a particular page is needed.

Links to non-existent pages are created the same way as links to already existing pages. For example, adding New page name in the wiki editor will create a new page link to the page "New page name".

If there isn't already a new page link to the page you want to create, you can always add such a link yourself. You would add the new page link typically in a related page, an index page or your own user page.

Starting a new page from a search

Type the name of the page that doesn't exist in the Search box, and start the search. The search results will say that no such page exists, but on many wikis it will also include a new page link to the page.