Machine gun battalion

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This page is about foot machine gun battalions. For motorised battalions, see motor machine gun battalion.

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This page defines Machine gun battalion, which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

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| specific_type = Machine gun battalion
| size_at_full_strength = [varies, see below]

  • British Empire: 600
  • US Army: 750

A machine gun battalion was a battalion of machine gun troops, armed with medium machine guns.

British Empire

Most machine gun battalions were formed in 1918 by merging the four machine gun companies in each infantry division. Some other battalions were converted from cavalry regiments of the British yeomanry.

Australian Army

Formed in Australian divisions in the usual way. We don't yet have pages for them.

British Army

Category:British machine gun battalions lists every battalion that has a page.

Most battalions were administratively part of the Machine Gun Corps but a few belonged to the Guards Machine Gun Regiment.

Indian Army

Similar to British battalions. Listed in Category:Indian machine gun units along with companies and squadrons.

US Army

A foot machine gun battalion was attached to each infantry brigade. See also motor machine gun battalion, which was attached directly to divisional headquarters.

All American machine gun battalions, foot or motor, are listed in Category:US machine gun battalions.