20th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force (AIF)

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20th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
Years active:
Country: Australia
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Australian Imperial Force
Type: Infantry
Specific type: Infantry battalion
Full size: 1,000
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Alternate names: 20th Australian Infantry Battalion
Sources for alternate names:
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Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical
Parent unit: 5th Infantry Brigade, Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
Parent level: Brigade
Start date:
End date:

Personal narratives

Ernest Baker

ANZAC Connections links to letters from Ernest William Baker written between 1914 and 1918. Catalogue description and his service record show that he served in:

Second Lieutenant Cyril Arnold Pryor

Chaplain 4th Class Keith Stewart Cresswell Single

Albert (or Alfred) Biggs

Albert's injuries and recovery are discussed in Dr Emily Brayshaw's Stitching lives back together: men’s rehabilitation embroidery in WWI.

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  • Australian War Memorial: AWM4 Subclass 23/37 (unknown date–unknown date) (images free for non-commercial use)

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