302nd Machine Gun Battalion, US

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302nd Machine Gun Battalion, US
Years active:
Country: United States
Service: US Army
Branch: National Army (US Army)
Type: Machine gun
Specific type: Machine gun battalion
Full size: 750
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Name1: 302nd Machine Gun Battalion
Name1 Start:
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Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical and Administrative
Parent unit: 151st Infantry Brigade, US
Parent level: Brigade
Start date:
End date:

Personal narratives

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New Haven’s Forgotten Policeman: Officer John Thomas Lee

John T. Lee was born in New Haven on April 3, 1891. On July 5, 1916 he was appointed as a supernumerary with the New Haven Police Department, New Haven, Connecticut. He was assigned to probation on December 15, 1916 as a regular officer. On June 15, 1917 he was promoted to Grade E and on December 15, 1917 to Grade D. He was assigned to the Dixwell Avenue Police Precinct # 4 located on Dixwell Avenue at Eaton Street.

On March 26, 1918 Officer Lee requested a leave of absence to join the military to fight in World War I. A leave of absence from employment or duty with intention to return during which time remuneration and seniority may or may not be suspended.

John T. Lee saw combat in France while he was assigned to 302d Machine Gun Battalion. While with this unit he was promoted to the position of chief gunner. On November 14, 1918, John T. Lee’s family was notified that he had been killed in France on October 26, 1918. At the time of his death he was survived by his father, Patrick, five sisters and four brothers, one who served with the 96 Aero Squadron. The family resided at 105 Poplar Street, New Haven.

Sources: New Haven Police Records, card file 409 Service Records, Conn. Roster 1917-1920 Vol. II 940.41 TC V-2 New Haven Public Library. New Haven Evening Register, November 14, 1918, New Haven Public Library.

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