321st Field Hospital Company, US

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321st Field Hospital Company, US
Years active:
Country: United States
Service: US Army
Branch: National Army (US Army)
Type: Medical
Specific type: Field hospital company
Full size: 150
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Name1: 321st Field Hospital Company
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Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical and Administrative
Parent unit: 306th Sanitary Train, US
Parent level: Battalion
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Personal narratives

Author: Tavy Harold Hart Transcribed by Walter F. Hart, Jr.

Diary: Tavy Harold Hart 321 Field Hospital 306 Sanitary Train 81 Division American Ex. Forces "“Brief History of Field Hospital 321 from August 7, 1918, to December 6, 1918. Field Hospital No. 321 left Camp Mills, Long Island, New York at 8:30 A.M. on August 7, 1918; marching with full equipment to Garden City, a distance of 1 1/4 miles, and boarded train for Long Island City, arriving at 12 noon, boarded ferry for South Brooklyn, New York, arriving at dock about 1 P.M. Boarded SS Nester, a British transport, and rather an old freighter, at about 4:30 P.M. on August 8, 1918. Landed at Liverpool England, August 20, 1918 at 12 noon. Marched from the docks to Midland RR Station, a distance of about one mile and boarded train at 3 PM for Romsey, England arriving at 3 am August 21, 1918. Left August 23, arrived Southampton August 23. Crossed the English Channel on the night of the 23rd. Arrived Cherbourg, France Aug 24 at an English rest camp. Took a four minute bath. Left August 25th on boxcars. Went to St. Nazaire, France. Got there on the 26th. Left Sept 3rd. on third class passenger coaches. At St. Nazaire, at 3 PM on September 2, 1918, detraining immediately and marched to base camp No1, a distance of about two miles, arriving at four PM on Sept 2, 1918. Left Base Camp No. 1, marched back to St. Nazaire and boarded train for (Pacy), arriving at 6:15 A.M. on September 4, 1918, and from this point marched to Tonnerre, a pretty little town, arriving at 10 P.M. a distance of two miles on September 17th, 1918. Left Tonnerre arriving at 7:30 A.M. marching 20 (miles), camped there that night and left the next morning at 8 A.M. for (Eroy), arriving at 4 P.M. September 18, 1918, a distance of eighteen kilometers from (Tonnerre) boarded train for (Briepers), arriving at 9 P.M. on September 19, 1918. Hiked for two days. Arrived there by way of boxcars on the (22nd) At 12 noon on September 21, 1918, took over (put up) Evacuation Hospital 1412 from Field Hospital No. 367;317 Sanitary Train, running this hospital until October 11, 1918, when we turned it over to the French H.O.E. No 182 on October 12, 1918. Moved to La Salle, France to help the 322nd Hospital work. France by truck, train, arriving at 12:00 P.M., and opened up a surgical Hospital on October 13, 1918. On Oct. 17, 1918, at 8 P.M., evacuated all patients to S.O.S. and left La Salle, France on Oct 20, 1918 at 12:30 P.M. by march for (Rambervillers), France, arriving at 5:30 P.M., a distance of eighteen kilometers, on November 1, 1918. Entrained at (Rambervillers) at 9 P.M., had nothing to eat. Left in boxcars November 1st for (Sourcy), France, to another camp, arriving 9 A.M. November 2, 1918, in trucks and any way we could and leaving by march to (Commercy), a distance of about (twelve) kilometers, where company was met by ambulance train and conveyed to (Petit Matharion), arriving at 9 P.M. on the same day. At 8 A.M. on November 9, 1918 left (Petit Matharian) for (Frontaine-Brittiantine), France by truck, train. Arriving at 9 A.M.; a distance of about 10 kilometers; taking charge of triage at 9:30 A.M. and operated this triage until 6 P.M. on November 12, 1918. Started this field hospital and was there when the fighting stopped. My pipe went out one night when the shells were bursting so near me. Went to Verdun November 15th - and to Dead Man's Hill. Left on Nov. 17 on trucks. Arrived at (Neuville) on the morning of the 18th. On November 17, 1918, at 7 P.M. left (Brilliante-Fontaine), France by truck train, and arrived in (Neuville), France, at 2 A.M. on November 18, 1918, a distance of Forty kilometers. On November 22, 1918 at 9 A.M. left (Neuville), France by march and arrived at (Rambercourt) the same day, about 2 P.M.; a distance of (ten) kilometers. On our last hike with full packs. On November 23, 1918, continuing the march. Left at 9 A.M., reaching (Fains) at 3 P.M., covering a distance of twenty-four kilometers on November 24, 1918. Rested all day Sunday the 24th. Rested at Trains and marched out on the next day at 9 A.M. to (Sommerlenne), about seventeen kilometers; on November 24, 1918 marched to (Louisemont), leaving at 9 A.M. and arriving at 4 P.M. a distance of twenty two kilometers. Left for another days hike Monday the 25th going through Bar-Le-Duc and a number of towns on our way to (Sommer-Mul). Spent the night there 26 going through St. Dizier, a good big town. Got to (Lowemont) on the 26th. Left on the 27th of November 1918 at 9 A.M. and arriving at (Villemblairois) at 2 P.M., covering fifteen kilometers; leaving at 9 A.M. on November 28, 1918 and marched eighteen kilometers to (Buiselle), arriving at 2 P.M. on November 29, 1918. Passed through (Nassy) on the 29th and 30 (Bar-Sur-Aube). Left at 9 P.M. and marched twenty kilometers (tens-Montier-en-lisle) arriving at 3 P.M.; rested at (Monter-en-lisle) on November 30, 1918, and left at 8:30 A.M. on December 1, 1918 for (Champignol) arriving at 3:30 P.M. covering Twenty-one kilometers on December 2, 1918. Spent the night. Left on the 2nd going to (Grancy). Marched twenty kilometers to (Grancy) arriving at 3:15 P.M. Spent the night in another hay loft. Left Grancy on December 3, 1918 at 8:30 am., and marched through (Mucy), France to (Cerill), France, covering twenty four kilometers, arriving there at 4 P.M. December 3, 1918. Left (Cerilly), France at 7 A.M. May 1st, 1919. Marched to Chantillon-Sur-Seine boarded train for (Beumont-Sur-Sarthe) arrived there about five fifteen in the afternoon on May the 16th 1919. Left (Braumont) the 8th of June, marching to train, boarded train car's (American). Fifty-three men to one car with equipment. Arrived at (St. Nazaire) at 8 o'clock on the 6th of June. Marched to camp No (2), where we stayed one night. Left Camp # (1) at 2 P.M. marched to Isolation camp June 7, 1919. Left (Isolation camp) at 10:30 June 9th, 1919. Marched to docks and boarded at 12:15 transport "Mancuria" at 12:15 and got underway at 3:00 o'clock June 9th 1919..........”

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