American YMCA

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American YMCA
Years active:
Country: United States of America
Service: YMCA
Type: unknown
Specific type: unknown
Full size: None
Sources for overview:
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Alternate names:
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Sources for disbanded:
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Personal narratives

Addie W. Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson

Two Colored women with the American Expeditionary Forces by Addie W. Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson is a fascinating account of the YMCA's work and includes photos of named individuals as well as mentions of specific military units.

Related media

Official Sources

Unit war diaries

No war diaries exist for this unit. This could be because:

  • units and formations were only required to keep official war diaries when operating in a theatre of war.
  • war diaries were created but no longer survive.
  • some unit pages on this site that represent groups of formation troops don't correspond to a unit or staff department that kept war diaries.

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