French Red Cross

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French Red Cross
Years active: May 1864 –
Country: France
Service: Red Cross
Type: Medical
Specific type: Red Cross society
Full size: None
Sources for overview:
Created: May 1864. 
Sources for created: [1]
Name1: Société française de secours aux blessés militaires
Name1 Start: May 1864
Name1 End: 1940
Reason for change:
Sources for name1: [2]
Name2: Croix-Rouge française
Name2 Start: 1940
Name2 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name2: [3]
Alternate names: SSBM, CRF
Sources for alternate names: [4]
Sources for disbanded:
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Command structure
Relationship type: Affiliation
Parent unit: International Committee of the Red Cross
Parent level:
Start date:
End date:

Personal narratives

Arthur Dease

Arthur Joseph Dease was born in Ireland and educated in England. He volunteered to serve as an ambulance driver in the French Red Cross, Section Sanitaire Anglais No.3. Arthur's Letters has transcripts of his letters home from 1915 to 1918.

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