Royal Canadian Regiment

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Royal Canadian Regiment
Years active:
Country: Canada
Service: Canadian Army
Branch: Permanent Force (Canadian Army)
Type: Infantry
Specific type: Infantry battalion
Full size:
Sources for overview:
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Alternate names:
Sources for alternate names:
Sources for disbanded:
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Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical
Parent unit: 7th Infantry Brigade, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF)
Parent level: Brigade
Start date:
End date:
Theatre of war
Theatre name: France, Belgium and Germany
Date entered:
Date left:

Personal narratives

An RCR Officer's Diary 1914-1918

Author unknown but possibly A.E. Willoughby.

Ralph Jackson (Service Number 401017 /491091)

Overseas with The Royals, Reproduced from Pro Patria #26, November 1975

Lieutenant Robert England

As described on the The Regimental Rogue: 'These notes by Lieutenant Robert England were written in 1983 and privately published in the centennial year of The Royal Canadian Regiment. They describe his period of service with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the First World War. As he has commented in the endnotes, readers are advised: "This memoir is personal and assumes [the] reader will look to published histories for the World War I background and story of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France."'

Related media

Official sources

Unit war diaries

The First World War War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment 1915-1919. Transciption of Library and Archives Canada online images of War Diary pages completed by Capt Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

Unit histories

Other official documents

Other sources